Introduction to access control in salesforce

Access control in salesforce is rich, vivid and user-friendly. It can control access of a user for both data and metadata. Consider you want to create a system on your website which can allow choices to users for selecting certain objects, fields and their respective data. You may really have many sleepless nights before reaching to a feasible solution definitely. This functionality resides on hand in salesforce. May be at this point of time it may seem to you a piece of cake but once we deep dive into this, you may notice that what a superb and time-saving functionality have salesforce built actually. Under access control, user can choose to access a particular object and their set of fields. Not only can this but user can also set visibility on data which can be seen by a particular set of users.

Access control in salesforce can be divided into three parts

–           Object level access

–           Field level access

–           Record level access

Note: We also have an organisation level access but that seem to be more on the side of security model and we were trying to highlight only access model here that’s why we have not covered it here.

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