Super Users of CRM generally have a lot of tedious business processes to perform. These admins have a freight responsibility to provide timely activities with the best possible solutions available. Even after working in such a pressurized environment, they work almost error free. But the issue occurs when multiple admins work in the same environment and you never know when a mistake can occur, there is always a possibility of errors. Hence, to support these admins, salesforce has built a very useful functionality called ‘Audit Trail’.

Audit Trail helps you to monitor all the activities performed in the org so that in the times of dispute, you can always trace them to find out what mistakes have been done and by whom. You can find the metadata changes history of the last 6 months.

Audit Trail provides the exact date, Username of the admin and thr action taken. We can download 6 months of activity in Excel or CSV file formats.
Consider an admin created a workflow for achieving some functionality and left for the day. Next day he saw a lot of emails from the customer about the feature not working which he already tested yesterday. On further analysis he found out that the workflow he created has been deleted from the system. Here, audit trail can help him find who deleted the workflow. By audit trail being a proof, further disciplinary action can be taken.

Now let’s find out how can we access this audit trail and what it can do in our next blog of this series. Please switch to next blog to further details.