Workflow Actions

Once evaluation rules are satisfied, then the Rule criteria will be checked. If the rule criteria is satisfied, then the actions pre-configured in the workflow are executed. Let’s learn the actions which can be configured in the final blog of the series.

Two types of actions are available for use/setup based on when the actions will be executed:
1. Immediate Workflow Action
2. Time Dependant Workflow Action

You get five options when you start the setup process of workflow actions:

1. New Task :
A new task is generated which will be related to the record of the object that started the execution of workflow. A lot of details can be entered in the task at the time of setting up the action.

2. New Email Alert :
In order to perform this action an Email template is required to be created. An Email alert can be configured to send an Email from the system to one or more Email ids or Email fields on the object.

3. New field update:
Values in field on the object of the workflow or related object values can be calculated and updated. To update value in Picklist field, only one particular value can be set. This can be overcome in process Builder. You can also update the parent object value from child object in workflow but vice versa is not possible.

4.New Outbound Message:
We can send message to an External system using this feature. You can mention endpoint URL and value of fields that you have selected during creation of this action. This feature has a very rare used case and out of 100 you might find yourself using this feature in hardly 1 workflow.

5. Select Existing Action :
A workflow action which has already been created earlier can be selected.

Workflow Time Dependant Trigger :
If you want the action to happen after or before a particular period of time of the execution of workflow
Example : You want to create a task for the user to send a manual Email 7 days after the workflow evaluation or after 14 hours you want to setup a follow-up task for the record.
The above scenario can be achieved using Time dependant Workflow action.
The tasks that will happen in future based on Time dependant action performed.

Hope you enjoyed it. See you in a new series of blogs.