Workflow Rule Criteria

As seen in the previous blog, the evaluation criteria in the workflow will decide whether the workflow should fire or not.
However, rule criteria will be evaluated only if the evaluation criteria is satisfied. Rule criteria will decide whether to perform a designated action or not.

Two methods to setup rule criteria:
As per Salesforce and the below screenshot

Run this rule if the
1. Criteria are met
You can enter field conditions for the fields available on the selected object of workflow and also related objects.
For example you need to perform a particular action only for the Company_Accounts__c object where a company has a net turnover of more than 100,000 USD and the Operations of companies should belong to India You can give criteria as below :
1. Net TurnOver                        greater than or equals               100000 USD
2. Country of Operations           equals                                     India

The above will be considered as 1 AND 2 as default logic.
However if you want to change default logic you can add your won filter logic
Example 1 OR 2
In a set with multiple conditions, it may be like (1 OR 2) AND (3 OR 4) AND 5
Comma separated values can be given in criteria like below :
1. Country of Operations                       equals                                     India,USA,Canada

2. Formula Evaluates to True
You can chose to setup a formula which will give result as true or false.
For the above example formula can be :
IF(AND(Net_TurnOver__c >= 100000,Country_Of_Operations = ‘India’),true,false) OR
IF(AND(Net_TurnOver__c >= 100000,OR(Country_Of_Operations = ‘India’, Country_Of_Operations = ‘USA’, Country_Of_Operations = ‘Canada’)),true,false)