In our last article, we talked about Apttus Catalog and Cart Features and how they can be used to increase productivity and efficiency. In this article we will focus on Approvals part.

Approvals are essential process in companies to restrict Sales Users in giving adhoc pricing adjustments and terms to customers. Sometimes to fulfil targets, Sales Users provide more than permissible discounts at favored terms to customers which can negatively impact company’s revenues and margins. To streamline this process, Apttus provides mechanism to define Approval Processes and Approval Rules which trigger when pricing adjustments go above or beyond certain levels.

Let’s understand all high-level terms associated with Apttus Approvals.

Approval Rule Dimensions

Approval Rule Dimensions are Salesforce Object’s Fields whose values determine User, Role or Profile to which Approvals are assigned. For example, if Approvals are triggered based on % Discount then we need to define Approval Rule Dimension for % Discount.

Approval Rules

Approval Rules define Approvals Matrix based upon values of Approval Rule Dimensions. They define Approvers for each range of values of Approval Rule Dimensions. We can also define Entry Criteria, Notification or Email check in Approval Rules. In our example, we can define below Approval Matrix based upon % Discount.

Sequence % Discount Approval Type Approver Value
1 10 Queue Deal Desk
2 20 Role General Manager
3 20+ User John Smith

Approval Processes

Approval Processes define multiple things like Business Object, Entry Criteria, Email Templates, Backup User, Initial Submission Actions, Approval Steps, Final Approval Actions, Final Rejection Actions etc. which are required for Approvals. We can reference Approval Rules from Approval Steps. One Approval Process can contain multiple Approval Steps but only those Approval Steps are triggered whose Entry Criteria is satisfied. In our example, we can create 3 Approval Rules based upon Customer Size of Small, Medium and Large. In Approval Process, we can create 3 Approval Steps referencing to these 3 Approval Rules. When Sales User submits cart for Approval, based upon Customer Size, respective Approval Step and Approval Rule are triggered.

Search Filter (Approvals)

Search Filter (Approvals) determine if Approval is required or not. We can define multiple filter criteria in Search Filter (Approvals). When Sales User submits cart for Approval, system first checks for all filter criteria defined in Search Filter (Approvals) and if those conditions are met then only it goes inside any Approval Process and triggers Approval Steps and Approval Rules. In our example, if % Discount is less than 5% then we don’t want to trigger Approvals. We can create one Search Filter (Approvals) record with this condition to fulfil this requirement.