Till the last article, we talked about Apttus CPQ, Billing, Order and Asset Management.

In this article, we will focus on Apttus CLM and its important terms.

An agreement is a very important legal document for a seller and buyer. It contains all important information regarding products and services, pricing, start and end dates, seller and buyer contact information, legal clauses, payment and billing information etc. Apttus CLM provides flexible and extensive tools to create Agreements, generate and regenerate Agreement Documents in various formats, send them to Customer and Internal Reviews, send them ftor Customer and Internal Signatures, Agreement Negotiations and Activation etc. We will understand all high-level terms of Apttus CLM one-by-one.

Agreement Record types

A company can have multiple Agreement types like NDA, SOW, MSA etc. All these Agreement types are stored as Record Types and Sales Users can select appropriate Record Types at the time of Agreement creation. The same Agreement Types should also be available in Templates to generate respective Agreement Documents.

Agreement Document Output Formats

Apttus CLM provides flexibility to Sales Users to generate Agreement Documents in different formats like PDF, DOC, DOCX, RTF etc. We can also default any format type at either the Organization level, Profile level or at a Record Type level.

Query Templates

Query Templates provide mechanism to filter and display only appropriate Templates to Sales Users for Agreement Document Generation. Query Templates contain 3 parts – Detail, Qualifier and Filter. When we have multiple Templates available specific to either Language, Country or Region, Query Templates show only those Templates which match with Agreement or User’s Language, Country or Region.

Agreement Rules

Apttus CLM provides different Agreement Rules to default and automate Agreement Document Generation process.

  • Using Submit Request Mode Rule, criteria for Auto or Manual generation of Agreement Documents can be defined.
  • Through Queue Assignment Rule, Agreements are auto assigned to Queues for further Approvals.
  • Using Email Template Rule, A Default Email Template can be defined for different Agreement Record Types.
  • Through Agreement Template Rule, Default Agreement Templates can be defined for different Agreement Record Types.

We will talk about Template Management in detail in our next article.