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Apttus CPQ, CLM, Billing, Order Management....

We tackle the most interesting topics in the Salesforce Eco System and one such start up that made it to the top with their amazing product line up is Apttus. We discuss the functional concepts of Apttus CPQ(Configure Price Quote), CLM(Contract Lifecycle Management), Order Management, Billing and so on. Get your knowledge up to date with these awesome functional concepts.

Salesforce CPQ

Dive into the word of Salesforce CPQ with these articles focused entirely on Salesforce CPQ and how it works with easy to understand real-world examples. Configure - Price - Quote is a very niche industry and having functional knowledge in this domain is crucial for everyone to get to know about this world of CPQ and why every company might need a CPQ product/engine for themselves.

Why the Salesforce Learn Initiative ?

There are hundreds of websites on the Salesforce Domain covering a multitude of concepts and we want to part of the ecosystem to help newcomers and experienced professionals to either gain knowledge on the platform or to hone their skills / learn something new in the CRM space.

Topics like Apttus and Salesforce CPQ are rare in this ecosystem and being professionals who have worked in this ecosystem for 8+ years, we can give some insight into how these different products operate and how they can combine to be a powerhouse for companies across the globe.

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