You need to create Product field you want to filter on Input Process Object:

For Example:

Go to Input Process

Create Two Fields:

1. Platform

2. Family

This will be a Pick list field which will be having same values as it is in Product Pick list:

There two fields on Input Process Object:

Input field

Product Field

Just add the API name as pick list value in both the field:

For Example:

1. Input Field will contain: Platform and Family

2. Product Filed already has Product Family just add the Platform Field API Name.

Go to Quote Process Tab:

1. Give the Process name and Save it.

2. in related list

Process Input Object:

Here we are using two fields to filter so create two process input record.

Please Check below Images what needs to be added.

There is a Field in Quote:

Quote Process ID:

So the Quote Process id needs to be added every time:

Create a Process Builder which will add the Quote Process ID whenever the Quote will be created.