Navigate: Build| Installed Packages| Salesforce CPQ| Configure

 There are different tabs available:

1. Documents

2. Line Editor

3. Pricing and Calculations

Important settings in Documents:

  • Unit Price Scale: How many decimal places you want your fractional prices to be rounded up to.
  • Quantity Scale: How many decimal places quantity should be rounded up to?
  • Document folder: If you generate the quote document pdf in this folder it gets stored
  • Attachment target: Attach generated quote document to Quote,  Document only, Opportunity
  • Mass Document User Name: Click Request Authorization to allow Salesforce CPQ to mass generate and send quote documents on your behalf when you are not logged into Salesforce.
  • Hide Document Name: Select the checkbox to hide the quote document name while generation.

Important settings in Line Editor

  • Visualize Product Hierarchy: Visual difference between parent product and its children
  • Preserve Bundle Structure: Select this checkbox to preserve the bundle hierarchy for subscription product.
  • Keep Bundle Together: Select this checkbox to include components when using drag and drop to move the bundle
  • Enable Multi Line Delete: Select this checkbox to enable deletion of  multiple lines in the line editor

Important settings in Pricing and Calculation:

  • Unit Price Scale: Fractional prices will be rounded off to this many decimal places.
  • Calculate Immediately: This checkbox enable real time calculation on the edit lines page
  • Use Legacy Calculator: Select the checkbox to enable the legacy calculator