Navigate: Build| Installed Packages| Salesforce CPQ| Configure

 There are different tabs available:

  • Subscription and Renewals
  • Quote
  • Order
  • Additional Settings

Important settings in Subscription and Renewals:

  • Subscription term Unit: Select whether the length of subscription of product should be in days or months.
  • Subscriptions prorate precision: Select whether the subscription pricing will be prorated by day or month.
  • Renewal Model: Select Asset Based to make renewals based off of an Account’s Assets, or Select Contract Based to make renewals based off of Contracts created from a Quote

Important settings in Quote:

  • Disable initial quote sync: Select this checkbox to disable the initial quote sync
  • Default quote validity: define for how many days after quote creation should be valid
  • Allow option deletion: Select this checkbox to allow product options used on prior quotes to be deleted.

Important settings in Order:

  • Allow Multiple orders: Select this checkbox to allow multiple orders from the same quote
  • Require Approved Quote: Select this checkbox if the primary quote needs to be approved then only the order will be created
  • Default order start date: It is set as quote start date, but you can set today’s date also or none.

Additional Settings:

  • Trigger Disabled: Select this checkbox to disable all the triggers of the managed package
  • Product Description Field: Select the field from product object to store the product description