If you want to assign a price of the product or discount at account level then you use contracted price.

Every time the same product or the product family define in the contracted price is brought by the particular account so it won’t use the list price it will use the contracted price or the discount attached to it.

The different fields in contracted price:

Account: The account for which the price has been negotiated.

Product: The product on which this price should be applied.

Price: Price to be assigned to this account. This price overrides the list price or any prices define.

Effective Date: The date from which the contracted price will be effective.

Expiration Date: The date on which the contracted price will end.

Description: Description of the contracted price.

Discount: Discount off the price book price that will be applied to that particular account.

Note: You cannot use the price and the discount field.

Discount Schedule:  Discount tier that will be applied to this contracted price

Filter Information:

If you want to apply the price or discount based on the product family and code , then you use the filter fields.

Filter Field: Select the appropriate filter like product family, product code etc.

Operator:   Appropriate operator for the filter.

Filter Value: The value on which the field is tested