1. Error Condition
  2. Action
  3. Configuration Rules

Error Condition:

        ErrorCondition are conditions on which the action needs to be fired in product rule

        The important fields in Error condition:

1. Rule: The Product rule that runs this error condition

2. Tested Object: The object that contains the tested fields

3. Tested field: Field on the object that needs to be used in the condition

4. Tested Variable: Select the  summary variable

5. Operator: Choose the appropriate operator

6. Filter Type: Choose the appropriate filter type.

7. Filter Value: Enter the value on which you want to evaluate the tested filed and tested variable.

8. Filter Variable: Choose the summary variable you want this rule to evaluate.


  1. Rule:  The Product rule that runs this product action
  2. Type: Specify the type of action to be performed.
  3. Product: Choose the appropriate product that needs to be enabled or disabled used in product rule.

Configuration Rules:

1. Active: This checkbox denotes whether this rule should be used in validating configuration

2. Product: Select the appropriate configured product you want this rule to validate

3. Product Rule: Select the product rule that contains the logic