You can show a product in the quote line editor as a single quote line with multiple segments. Each segment represents a block of time (quarter, month, year, or custom) and has a quantity and discounts independent of the other segments. This feature is useful if you’re selling subscription products and services, because you don’t have to add multiple quote lines for each segment

Go to Price Dimension in the related list of Product.

Important fields in Price Dimension:

  • Product: The product on which you want to set price dimension
  • Dimension Name :Name of the price dimension
  • Type: Select the type of dimension monthly, yearly, quarterly.
  • Price Book: Link the price dimension to particular price book
  • Quantity Editable: Allow to make changes in the quantity or not using this field
  • Default Quantity: Define the starting of product when added
  • Unit Price: This is the unit price of dimension this will override the price of the price book
  • Non Discountable: Mark this price dimension as non discountable
  • Discount Schedule: Discount schedule to use with price dimension
  • Price Editable: Whether the price is editable or not
  • Taxable: it indicates if the product is taxable

Price Dimension Example:

I have created a yearly dimension for Training Product the quote i have created for 36 months:

This is the output: