Following steps you need to complete before installing Salesforce CPQ;

1. Enable CRM Content

2. Enable Email Deliverability

3. Enable Chatter Settings

4. Enable Orders

1. Enable CRM Content:

Navigate: Setup| Build |Salesforce Files| Settings| Salesforce CRM Content|

                Click edit and select the “Enable Salesforce CRM Content”

                Click Save

2. Enable Email Deliverability

Navigate: Setup| Administer| Email Administration| Deliverability

                Select Access level = All Emails

                Save it.

3. Enable Chatter Settings:

Navigate: Setup| Build| Customize| Chatter| Chatter Settings

                Click edit and “enable the chatter and global search features”.

                Save it.

4. Enable Orders:

Navigate: Setup| Build| Customize| Orders| Order Settings

                Select Enable Orders 

                Save it.