You can decide a product option or quote against user-made conditions and perform an action in response. Store your conditions and actions in a product rule object

It consists of:

  1. Error Condition
  2. Action
  3. Configuration Rules in related list

The Important fields in product rule:

1. Product Rule Name: Name of the product rule.

2. Type: What type of product rule it is, for example: Selection, Alert, and Validation

3. Scope: On the scope field you decide whether you want to run it on the whole quote or product.

4. Evaluation Event: When this product rue should fire like always or particular time this can be decided using this pick list field.

5. Active: This checkbox denotes if it’s active or not.

6. Condition met: This pick list field is used to define the behavior of the product rule For ex:”And” or “OR”.

7. Advance Condition: It is used when the condition met is custom .It is the combination of “AND” and “OR”

8. Message: Display the message when the rule is activated it will display an error message when the validation rule is selected and warning    message when the alert is selected

Lookup Query Information:

Use lookup queries with your product rules to query data from an object other than a quote

Lookup Object: Api name of the custom object that stores the lookup data

Lookup Field: Field to a Lookup object, the field must be pick list or text