Navigate: Quote Template Tab| Click New

Quote Template Detail:

This section consists of the basic information of the quote template:

  • Template Name: Name of the template
  • Default: Select the checkbox to make this quote template default
  • Logo Document Id: Enter the id of the logo image stored in the document object of Salesforce

Page Information:

In this section we define the height, width and margin of the quote document

  • Page Width
  • Page Height
  • Top Margin
  • Bottom Margin
  • Right Margin
  • Left Margin

Header/Footer Information:

In this section we define the header and footer of the Quote document

  • Header Content: It is the lookup to template content object, where we select the header content
  • Footer Content: It is the lookup to template content object from  where we select the footer content
  • Terms and Condition: Define the terms and condition for the quote template
  • Exclude Header and Footer: If you want to exclude header and footer from first page or last or from both you can use this option
  • Page Number Position: Select the page number position

Corporate Information:

The company information you want to show on the quote template can be defined here and can be shown using the merge field defined in the template section.

Different fields include:

  • Company Name
  • Company Slogan
  • Company Phone
  • Company City
  • Company State
  • Company Email
  • Company Postal Code

Style Information:

In this section you define style information of the quote template

  • Font Family: Define the font family for quote template
  • Shading Colour: Shading colour for the quote template
  • Font size: Define the font size for the quote template
  • Border Colour: Define the border colour
  • Text Colour: Text colour for the quote template