Summarize number field information about products into a single object called a summary variable. You can then use the summary variables in your quotes, product rules, and quote line fields.

Different fields in Summary Variable:

  • Variable Name: Name of the variable
  • Target Object: Select the object on which you want to aggregate the summary variable
  • Aggregate function: The aggregate function which is used to calculate the variable

Filter information:

  • Filter  Field: Select the field for filtering items in the summary variable
  • Operator: Select the operator to use for filtering
  • Filter Value: Enter the value that matches the filter

Example of Summary Variable:

Create a Summary variable that list total of products within the IT product family.

  • Variable Name: Information Technology Total
    • Target Object: Quote Line
    • Aggregate Function: Sum
    • Aggregate Field: Quantity
    • Filter Field: Product Family
    • Filter Value: IT
    • Operator: Equals