Validation rules are used to confirm that a quote’s product combinations or quote line field values match predetermined conditions. User will see an error message if they don’t meet the condition.

The quote doesn’t get saved until the condition defines in the validation product rule matches.


In this example the window sensor is the product and you can sell only one window sensor per quote:

Product Rule Name: Prevent Duplicate window sensor

Active:  Checked

Type: Validation

Conditions Met: All

Scope: Product

Evaluation Event: Save

Message: You may only have one window sensor on this quote, please delete all but one

Error Condition:

Rule: Prevent Duplicate window sensor

Tested Variable: Window sensor

Operator: greater than

Filter Type: Value

Filter Value: 1

Configuration Rules:

Active: Checked

Product: Home Console

Product Rule: Prevent Duplicate Window Sensor

If user adds more than one Window sensor it will give error